TaeKwonDo Form Dissection

by Blake Lakewood, added 12/17/14

This TaeKwonDo Form Dissection page was created to contain videos, photos, drawings, text, and discussions of the various TKD form sequences and why they exist. 

As shown in the following figure is a portion of a TKD form sequence or pattern.  This is part of the middle sequence of Teguk Chil Jang.


TaeKwonDo Form Dissection
Example of TKD Form Pattern


What do these sequences represent?  What are they used for?  Are they just for exercise and signify nothing?

On several occasions, the master may have been asked by his students these exact questions.  Many of the masters may not know what all the sequences represent, only certain sections. They may say:  “chest block”, “high block”, “low block”, “double chest block”, etc. , but what do the sequences together represent?

What is there purpose?

This page will be dedicated to videos, photos, drawings, text, and discussions that are trying to describe such sequences and the reason they were developed.

Have you ever wondered what those sequences are for that you have been repeating while learning your forms?


They must represent something?


This video from South Korea shows a few form sequences and why they were developed.