TaeKwonDo Shoes

By Blake Lakewood, Updated 6/2/15

Taekwondo_ShoesMany individuals are now getting hooked on TaeKwonDo, TKD, and since the majority of Taekwondo moves are performed with the feet, there is an increasing need for TKD shoes or foot wear.  There are wide assortments of these shoes that are readily available in the market these days.  They usually come in different styles, colors, designs, sizes, and materials. You have to be very careful in choosing a pair to ensure comfort, protection, and convenience upon use.  The best Taekwondo shoes can complement or complete your specific TKD appearance that you may be seeking, especially if you are fashion aware.  You can now enjoy Taekwondo while wearing the most reliable and durable shoes.

During the earlier years, Taekwondo was facilitated with bare foot. Today, martial artists or Taekwondo athletes can use shoes for various purposes.  Taekwondo shoes are becoming more common in classes, in training seminars, in martial art poomsae (form) competitions and many Taekwondo lovers and enthusiasts are seen wearing these.  In order to enjoy wearing these shoes, individuals who are into this sport are advised to undergo professional sizing so that they will end up with the ideal perfect fit.

But before one can completely understand the essence, uses and advantages of Taekwondo shoes, they must first be familiar with the sport itself.   It is then vital for individuals to completely realize the special uses of these shoes and the benefits these provide to users.

Getting More Familiar With Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a type of martial arts combining self-defense and combat techniques with exercise and sport. This sport was established decades ago, and until now, Taekwondo is being performed by various athletes and students. The sport has distinct focus especially in terms of coordination and speed.  It also features different techniques and styles of self-defense.

Why Individuals Wear Taekwondo Shoes

Wearing the right uniform and Taekwondo shoes are necessary in order to achieve success. Clothing and shoes are specially designed to provide students or competitors convenience and support even during rigorous routines. Taekwondo shoes allow users to reduce or avoid injury as well as eliminate the impact of forceful kicking, sparring, and jumping that has made the sport popular.

There are actually several reasons why individuals need to wear Taekwondo shoes and utmost protection of the feet is the top among them.

Damaged_Sparring_Feet.bmpFigure 1 – Good Reason to Wear TKD Shoes During Sparring Practice

Figure 1 shows the condition of a students feet after several days of intensive bare-foot sparring drills.  If she was wearing properly fitted TKD shoes, this situation could have been alleviated.   TKD Shoes may also be worn during  seminars, training sessions, practice routines, demonstrations and in some competitions.  Large seminars are notorious for being held on off-site (non-TKD friendly) locations large enough to accommodate the event attendance.  Depending on the size of the seminar it may not be cost effective, or too time consuming, to cover the entire training surface with puzzle mats.  Good Taekwondo shoes will allow a full range of motion, making it easy and convenient for users to facilitate every movement on the Taekwondo puzzle mats and off-site locations.

Figure 2 through 6 show the condition of a students main sparring pivot foot after a blister (under a callus) had broken and outer skin was removed.  The student was training for Nationals.  No sparring shoes are allowed in the National Competition because of the dado socks you are required to wear for electronic scoring.

www.TkdEssentials.com - Blister Broken Under Callus
Figure 2 – Blister broken Under Callus

www.TkdEssentials.com - Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin
Figure 3 – Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin

www.TkdEssentials.com - Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin Removal
Figure 4 – Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin Removal

www.TkdEssentials.com - Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin Removed 1
Figure 5 – Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin Removed 1

www.TkdEssentials.com - Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin Removed 2
Figure 6 – Blister Broken Under Callus, Ripped Skin Removed 2

Features of Taekwondo Shoes

Taekwondo shoes are made of various durable and synthetic materials, and come in different designs and styles. The shoes also offer countless performance benefits that are essential during Taekwondo trainings and routines. Taekwondo shoes are designed and crafted with durable and premium quality rubber soles that aid in providing grip on slippery practice mats or unprotected floors. These shoes are usually lightweight and comfortable to use. These two essential features help Taekwondo athletes move around easily and coordinate movements with no pain.

Taekwondo shoes are usually made of layered foam, plastic, and leather, providing support, comfort and flexibility. These are also designed with leather and vents so that ankles and feet can breathe during challenging and rigorous routines. Some Taekwondo shoes also feature absorbent soles, closure, footpads, coverings, and lining to offer better cushioning and improved flexibility.

These shoes are soft enough allowing smooth and convenient flow of motion. By wearing these shoes, you can expect protected and hassle free movements if the shoes fit comfortably and securely.

Choosing the Best Style of Taekwondo Shoes

Choosing pairs of Taekwondo shoes requires careful thinking and evaluation especially the reasons why you need to wear them. You also need to determine if you are going to use the shoes occasionally or regularly for competitions, trainings, and seminars. Training indoor or outdoor is also a vital consideration when choosing the best style of shoes.

The pair that you should get should be comfortable, lightweight, and padded so that you can kick with ease. Different sizes of Taekwondo shoes are offered in the market. That is why aside from picking the best style, you should also select the size that ideally matches your feet. Individuals who are finding it hard to choose the most stylish and comfortable Taekwondo shoes can also check online. Lots of choices are being featured over the internet minimizing their search.

Taekwondo Shoes: More Buying Tips

Considering the nature and impact of Taekwondo, you need to consider unmatched quality, durability, and flexibility. When buying Taekwondo shoes, you need to select the ones that are well-stitched. Although the shoes are stylish looking, the overall performance still matters above all. You should buy shoes with strong soles that do not slip. This is perhaps one of the exclusion among the common features of these shoes that are commonly looked upon by shoe shoppers.

Instead of buying traditional shoes, paying for Taekwondo shoes is a better option since these shoes are specifically crafted for Taekwondo purposes. Individuals looking for the perfect pair of TKD shoes can also purchase online. However, they have to make sure that they are committing with a reputable and reliable online provider. They can also purchase affordable and discounted shoes from trusted websites.

To ensure a proper fit, it may be advisable to go to a local sporting good, martial arts or shoe store to be professionally measured for your shoes. Even better would be to find the exact shoes you would like to purchase online, find them in a local store, have them fitted, get the best price from the store you are visiting, and then while you are still in the store, use your smart phone to search the internet for the ultimate best prices and deals, paying particular attention to shipping costs, return, re-stocking fees and exchange policies. You could also ask the store you are in if they will price match the internet offer. Depending on the price difference and the hunger for a sale that the store may desire, they may match the price or reduce their price to come closer to the internet offer. If you are going this route, I would like to offer a word of caution. Don’t leave the store after identifying and fitting the shoe you would like to purchase online and then change your mind at the last minute and order a shoe that you have seen, on the internet and not tried on, because you think it looks more stylish. This may result in you being required to pay for return shipping or a re-stocking fee and a waste of your valuable time, if the replacement shoe does not fit correctly.

Advantages of Taekwondo Shoes

Wearing Taekwondo shoes is highly beneficial because as they provide protection and added traction. These shoes also guarantee no dirty or injured feet. With these shoes on, you can kick easily and confidently and with less worry. These shoes are cool and can be worn even on day to day Taekwondo routines. Since this sport is more on defending yourself, you need to have the best shoes for reliable and ideal self-defense.

Taekwondo shoes are now essential requirements for artists and players. They are starting to gain recognition from individuals because of their unique designs and special functions. The immense benefits provided by these shoes are also the reason why many are convinced to buy and wear these shoes during trainings and competitions.

Taekwondo shoes are highly recommended if you have the desire to achieve smooth, safe, convenient and unique Taekwondo experience. Purchasing these shoes may require financial allocation on your part, but given all the benefits you can get, it is all worth your money.