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Hello, my name is Blake Lakewood and I am one of the main article writers for TKD Essentials, Essential  TaeKwonDo Knowledge.  We  appreciate you visiting our website and hope you find the information we have assembled useful.  Any suggestions to improve this site can be sent to us via the Contact page.

We have created this site to share our 7+ years of involvement with the sport of TaeKwonDo, TKD.  The knowledge obtained about TKD is mostly a result from observing my daughter as she progressed thorough the color belts, her first degree and second degree black belt curriculum, asking the school questions, asking other parents questions and browsing the internet for additional answers.  My daughter is currently a Second Degree black belt working towards her Third Degree.  Also, a vast amount of information was obtained from performing research about TKD as required by my daughters TKD curriculum, passion, and involvement with the sport.

The information assembled in this website is an attempt at organizing the  TKD knowledge we have obtained into meaningful (and hopefully useful) articles and documents.

Blake Lakewood

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