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This page will generate 24 random flashcards containing TKD related English words or phrases that you can test your knowledge of the phonetic Korean equivalent.  A simple click on the flashcard will reveal the phonetic Korean equivalent of the English phrase or word. Clicking on the Randomize Flashcards button will generate 24 random flashcards.  Clicking on the Sequential Flashcards button will generate the Flashcards in the order they were created.




  • Walking Stance
    Ahp Suh Gee Jah Say
  • Stop
    Gu Man
  • How Are You
    An Nyung Ha Shum Nee Ka
  • Three
  • April
    sa wul
  • Sun
  • Bow
    Kyoung Nea
  • Six
    Yah Sut
  • Loyalty
    Choong Sung
  • Side Kick
    Yup Cha Gee
  • March
    sam wul
  • Korean flag
    Tae Gook Gee
  • September
    goo wul
  • Long Stance
    Ahp Koo Bee Jah Say
  • Seven
    ill Gope
  • Return
    Pah Roe
  • August
    pal wul
  • Back Stance
    Deet Koo Bee Jah Say
  • Honesty
    Jung Jick
  • Monday
    wul yo il
  • Attention
    Cha Ryut
  • Forms
    Poom sey
  • Self Defense
    Ho Shin Sul
  • Five
    Tah Sut

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