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This page will generate 24 random flashcards containing TKD related English words or phrases that you can test your knowledge of the phonetic Korean equivalent.  A simple click on the flashcard will reveal the phonetic Korean equivalent of the English phrase or word. Clicking on the Randomize Flashcards button will generate 24 random flashcards.  Clicking on the Sequential Flashcards button will generate the Flashcards in the order they were created.




  • One
    Hah Nah
  • Six
    Yah Sut
  • Uniform
  • Side Kick
    Yup Cha Gee
  • Earth
  • Seven
    ill Gope
  • Monday
    wul yo il
  • Mercy
    Jah Bee
  • How Are You
    An Nyung Ha Shum Nee Ka
  • Sparring
  • Walking Stance
    Ahp Suh Gee Jah Say
  • Cooperation
    Hyup Joe
  • Saturday
    to yo il
  • January
    il wul
  • Return
    Pah Roe
  • Sun
  • Fist
    Joo mock
  • Love
    Sa Rang
  • August
    pal wul
  • Form
    Poom Say
  • Martial Arts workout area
    Doe Jong
  • Happy New Year
    sae hae bok man ee bat eu se yo
  • Leg

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